Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Volcano Cupcakes!

My husband was in a Natural Disasters class last term. On the last day of class I made some volcano cupcakes for him to share with the class. The class loved them. They had studied volcanoes a few weeks earlier so they were a hit.LinkI filled them with cherry filling using my Wilton tip #230. Then I iced the top and rolled it around in graham cracker crumbs. Then using a #12 I made a pile on the top. Then I used my angled spatula to smooth the icing into a peak. Then I used tip #6 and filled the bag with just the goo from a can of cherry pie filling. I stuck the tip in a bit and squeezed the bag while pulling it out. I let the lava run down the side.
More of the volcano cupcakes. I used the Wilton butter cream icing recipe and added cocoa powder to taste to make it chocolate. HERE is the link to the recipe. I think that I used 2/3 cup of cocoa powder and just a little more water as the cocoa makes it kind of dry.